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Why choose to install Waterless® Geothermal?

The Waterless® DX Geothermal heating and cooling system is a revolutionary and proven closed loop geothermal heat pump. “DX” means “Direct Exchange” which refers to the heat exchange process that occurs when the heat in the ground is transferred directly to the refrigerant in the ground loop. This type of geothermal is also referred to as Direct Geothermal Exchange or a DGX system. Direct exchange geothermal skips the extra (water-to-refrigerant) heat exchange required in a traditional water source geothermal design, resulting in a more efficient delivery of heat to the home. The Waterless® DX geothermal heat pump not only uses less heat exchanges, it also uses less energy to produce even more heat than other heat pumps the same size, making it a simpler, more efficient, and more effective geothermal design. The end result of this more effective geothermal design is its ability to offer even more savings to the client.

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10 Advancements

a Waterless® Geothermal System has over a Standard Geothermal System

Longer Life

Longer Life Expectancy

A more efficient loop fluid (refrigerant) transfers more heat and less run time.


Higher Capacities

A newly designed refrigerant circuit delivers capacities never before seen in a closed loop geothermal system.

Less Parts


Having less system components results in greater reliability and less potential problems in the future.

Lower Drilling Costs

Lower Drilling Cost

Requiring less loop per ton lowers upfront drilling cost without sacrificing system capacity & performance.

Less heat

Less Heat Exchanges

A simpler design captures and delivers energy from the earth quicker, causing less runtime and quicker ground temperature recovery.

Proven Performance

Proven Performance

Hundreds of field studies confirm the EPA’s statement that a direct exchange geothermal system is more efficient than a traditional water source geothermal design.

Design and size

& Size

The Waterless direct exchange design allows contractors the ability to design the system to deliver 100% of the heating needs by oversizing the cooling loads by up to 200% without experiencing humidity issues.

Higher Efficiencies

Higher Efficiencies

A refrigerant filled loop maintains higher efficiencies throughout the heating and cooling season, being less susceptible to the swings in ground temperature. 

Cold Climate

Cold Climate Geothermal

Pre-engineered copper ground loop systems eliminate guesswork of designing a high-performance loop field + maintains high capacities even during extreme ground conditions.  


A Differentiator

We offer customized features and benefits that will be exclusive to your organization, that will set your company apart while increasing your companies revenues.   

The Benefits of Partnering with Total Green Manufacturing

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Homeowners Want Waterless® Geothermal

The unique features and benefits of a Waterless® Geothermal design make it a more attractive choice than other less efficient and more complicated heat pump systems available today.

Specialized Training

We choose experienced HVAC companies that have a genuine interest in Waterless Geothermal’s technology and a strong desire to use proper installation methods as a dealer/installer. We believe referrals from satisfied customers are a major resource for the geothermal industry and are one of the most effective ways to promote and grow your company.

Lead Generation Partner

Unlock the power of targeted leads and accelerate your business growth with our lead generation system. We collect valuable leads from homeowners who are ready to embrace the benefits of geothermal technology. By seamlessly bridging the gap between homeowners and contractors, we ensure that every qualified lead is promptly delivered to you, empowering you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional geothermal installations and maximizing your business potential. Say hello to a stream of homeowners who are eager to invest in geothermal.


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